-- Lubbock Law Enforcement to Receive Bulletproof Vests

-- Bullet-Proof Vests Go To The Dogs

-- High Desert Dog Magazine

-- Job Now Safer For All City Police Dogs

-- Houston: Woman's Sympathy Leads to Dog Gear

-- Non-Profit Helps Dogs Get Needed Body Armor

-- Tony Stewart Supports Vest 'N. P.D.P.

-- Dog's Vest Friend

-- Charity Provides K-9 Vests to Airport

-- Georgia's Police Dogs Suit Up For Protection

-- Logansport Police Department Vests Two Dogs

-- Pasadena K-9 Taz Receives Donated Protective Vest

Media coverage is an important part of making our mission a success. Below are links to just a few of the many stories that have appeared in our nation's newspapers and magazines.
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